I got one.

So I totally got the mom haircut. My hair has been pretty much a disaster for several months now- I’ve been scraping it into a ponytail or a bun, while wet, pretty much every day. I had a bunch of shorter hair as well, that had grown in while I was pregnant, and I wanted the length of my hair to be a little more consistent, instead of having a ton of short hair and a ton of longer hair and having it all look ridiculous.

And I get why moms get the short haircut. The kid pulls your hair all the time (or spits up in it). You have zero time to do anything with it. You don’t want to do anything with it. Getting rid of the extra length solves a lot of things!

So I got a haircut finally! And it is a short bob, as is typical, but I don’t care, I’m just glad my hair isn’t the huge mess it was before. It’s not unusually short for me- it’s about as short as I generally go though. I got a shampoo and style and everything. It was awesome.