Learning is what drives me. By providing effective coaching and learning experiences, I support leaders and teams in doing their most meaningful work. Over the past 13 years, I’ve successfully designed, built, and delivered leadership development, coaching and training programs to achieve my clients’ ambitious goals. I bring a sense of humor and a disarming focus to every relationship.

I maintain several certifications, including Associate Certified Coach, Certified Professional in Talent Development, Certified Training and Development Professional, and Certified Leadership Coach.  In 2021, I earned a Master of Education in Adult Learning and Global Change from the University of British Columbia. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, and continue to perform as a singer when I can.

I am relentless about personal and team growth, being a voracious learner and sharer of knowledge. Speaking credits include: LXDCon, the ICE Digital Workplace Conference, Institute for Performance and Learning, CAUCE-CNIE, AccessConf, FUSION, and others. I have written for Learning Solutions Magazine, as well as other publications and blogs.

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