Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I properly posted something, so in fine fashion, I will just sum up things that have happened in the past month. Lots of things have gone on! We’ve been going along with our routine with me back and working full time, and I’m finally starting to feel adjusted to it. I am finding I really miss out on Wesley-time during a full work/choir/etc/week, but I did get some really nice time off recently to top that back up, because…

Wesley and his Grandpa

My parents came to visit! They live in Texas, so they haven’t gotten to hang out with us much or see Wesley much, so we shipped them up here as a Christmas gift. It was nice! We didn’t do a ton of running around, mostly just cooking and playing with the baby and hanging out at home. We had a pretty big snow storm while they were here too, so that kept us close to home as well!  It was nice to be able to hang out with them and for them to get the chance to see Wesley. He misses them for sure!

We have a trip to Florida coming up in a couple weeks, so I’ll get some more family time then, but with Trevor’s family this time. Despite being from the US and having visited plenty of the states, I have never been to Florida, so I’m excited. We probably won’t get to do Disney World (another thing I have never done) but hopefully sometime in the future when Wesley is big enough to really appreciate it.

I got accepted to go to TEDx Waterloo again, which is nice. I’m really looking forward to going again, and having the opportunity to discuss things with my coworkers as well!

I pitched an article to a learning magazine this past week, and they asked me to write it! I’m all excited. I hope I do a decent enough job of stringing the words together. But I have some friends who will look over it, and I believe they have editors who help out with that bit as well. So if all goes well, that should happen in April.

Looking into some other professional development things coming up as well- I’m working on a certification this year, so I’m going to need to start studying for the exam for that, I’m in a creative learning MOOC at the moment, and I’m looking at a few other courses as well. Should be fun!