Weirder goals for maternity leave

Today is the first “work” day of my maternity leave- I had my last day on Friday (with a great send-off by coworkers). This is quite the accomplishment- I didn’t make it to my last day with my previous leave. 🙂 So many people who go on maternity leave have pretty much one clear set of goals- have a baby, take care of it. But me, being an overachiever, I like to have some other goals as well.

Last time around, I was still working on a variety of projects and singing with the church choir, and since this time I won’t have all those side projects on my plate, I’ve come up with a few things that I’d like to accomplish.

First of all, I still need to submit my CPLP work product. I rescheduled my submission for a variety of reasons, and managed to get the bulk of the work on the project done before going on leave. I will have some writing and polishing to do between now and August, and will be submitting then. The rest of my study group submitted in February and passed, which was awesome to see!

In addition to that, I’m also looking at improving my math and statistics skills. I didn’t take much math after trig, and would really like to complete calculus and statistics courses. I have a growing interest in measurement and evaluation (especially as it comes to the effectiveness of business changes and learning programs), and I think a stronger math background will really help me develop better skills in that area.

So yes, I have some slightly unorthodox goals for maternity leave, but that’s me I guess. 🙂