Headed out from Lucerne this morning to Interlaken. It’s a really pretty place! Alps all over.

When we got here, we checked in to the hotel, and headed off to get lunch. We found a place that, while having an italian name, served lots of Swiss things. I got raclette, and Trevor got a sausage and some rosti.

Walking across the city, we saw a bunch of paragliders coming down in a flat park area. It looked fun! But I wasn’t about to try it. 🙂


After we ate, we headed to the train station to get tickets to go up to the Jungfraujoch. From Interlaken, you take three trains up the mountain and it takes two hours. The last train station is the highest railway station in Europe! It was a gorgeous ride, but in the last little bit, we wound up in the clouds, so there wasn’t anything to see from the top. We saw some nice views on the way though!


going up the mountain

We walked around the tour area up there, and there’s a big ice cavern. Lots of ice sculpture!


It was really cold up at the top. Snow and wind and everything.

We got the last train down, popped back to the hotel to check out our room (it wasn’t ready when we checked in before). It’s super nice, and definitely a far cry from the modern Radisson Blu we stayed in last night. We can get out on to a huge terrace fro our room, and the bathroom has a proper bathtub and two sinks, and there’s this big chaise longue that I’m sitting on right now. It’s too bad we’re not here longer than one night!


Tomorrow, kicking around town some more until our train to Milan leaves in the early evening.

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