Arrived in Lucerne this morning. Didn’t sleep all that well last night, so a little snooze on the train (a short, 45 minute ride) and being able to check into our hotel room when we arrived around 11 were both blessings.

We headed out right away because I was turning into a food werewolf.

dilbert comic describing a character who turns into a werewolf after going too long without food

I couldn’t last much longer so we hit up a Burger King in the train station and it was amazing. Nothing tastes as good as when you’re really hungry.

Anyway, after that, we had a little stadtbummel.


We walked across the Chapel Bridge and did some wandering and shopping. It was nice and felt so flat after so much walking on hills in Zurich. We came back to the hotel for a brief rest before heading out again to catch the boat across the lake to the Swiss Transport Museum.

Transport Musuem

This was one of the best museums I’ve ever been to. Tons of exhibits, extremely well kept and large. We got our admission half-price because we were there late in the day, which was awesome. We saw lots of trains, and cars, and boats and airplanes. It was so awesome.

We came back and then headed out for dinner shortly after that, and wound up having mexican again, because it was the nearest thing that sounded good. It was better than the place in Zurich, and the food was good.

One more thing- I bought some new hiking shoes before coming on this trip because I wanted something that would hold up and be good for walking down mountains and my old running shoes were dying.


I cannot say enough good things about these shoes. We’re not doing a crazy amount of walking, between about 5 and 7 miles a day, but these things have saved my feet. I wore a different pair of shoes one day and it was so painful compared to these. They were expensive, but so worth it.

Heading to Interlaken tomorrow, where we will be heading up the Jungfrau and enjoying what looks to be a nice hotel. Will check in again tomorrow!

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