Entering the tablet world

For a long time, I didn’t really have a use for a tablet- I have a laptop, and am not a huge fan of touchscreens (aaaaahhhh fingerprints). But just this past weekend, I got one of my own, because I found a use for them finally! I like to read in bed before I fall asleep, and I have an e-reader, which helps me avoid the otherwise inevitable stack of books on my nightstand. But sometimes I want to read blog articles or Facebook or whatever other internet, since those things work a little more nicely when my attention span is shorter. I don’t like using my laptop in bed though- so enter the tablet- it’s my ereader for the internet.

I got a BlackBerry Playbook. It was a fairly easy choice for me, since I like to support RIM, but I particularly like the size of it- it’s similar in size to my Sony ereader and since I have small hands, I find it a lot easier to handle than a 10″ tablet. I took it with me when we went to Trevor’s parents’ this past weekend as well, and it’s really nice as an alternative to lugging the laptop along or using my phone to check my email and such. It’s nice out on the deck as well, if I am not wanting to avoid technology out there. 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with it, and the price is pretty awesome too. Hooray!

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