The Horribly Horrifying Fun House of Death

I just realized that I hadn’t had a chance to post about this much, but I’ve been working on another KWLT show over the past little while. I worked on costumes for The Horribly Horrifying Fun House of Death. The show opened last night! It’s incredibly funny, written by Mat Kelly, an artist/playwright I’ve worked with on a few shows before. The director is one of my favourite people to work with (Carrie McNabb), and the cast are a super awesome group who really do the play justice and then some. They’re amazing.

Because the show is set in the current time period, I was able to do costume sketches using images of modern clothing, which was really fun and a new experience for me- before, I’d sketch in a sketchbook or do renderings in watercolor to illustrate ideas. I used Polyvore, which is a super fun site for creating quick fashion sketches based on existing pieces. I definitely recommend it to costumers- it made idea gathering and sketching fun and fast.

For example- Morrigan, the goth character, had this as the initial costume sketch:

The final costumes ended up being really similar to the initial ideas, which is awesome and doesn’t happen all the time. I blame it on working with a great cast and director, and having good luck McGuyvering what I needed/wanted. I also enjoyed doing something for a show where I didn’t have to come to every single rehearsal- I was able to fit the work much better into a baby-friendly schedule.

I got to watch the dress rehearsal on Monday, and it was amazing. I nearly peed I laughed so hard. So much fun. The costumes, set and props all look great and it has come together to be a really fun show. I’ve been so pleased to work on it.

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