Year in Review

This has been quite an interesting year. I thought I would write up a point-form summary of some things that went on.

  • Was on maternity leave all year. This was interesting and I grew to enjoy it.
  • Adjusted to being a parent, mostly it’s awesome.
  • Recorded a track for the Virtual Choir.
  • Sang with the church choir through the year.
  • Went to my first TEDx conference.
  • One of my co-workers passed away, which was sad.
  • Did our first big improvement to our house- we finished the basement.
  • We visited my family in Texas and they got to meet Wesley.
  • I got a BlackBerry Playbook, which I really like.
  • I took my first water fitness classes, which I (and Wesley!) really enjoyed.
  • Enjoyed time with my friends even though sometimes having a kid means having to turn down invitations.
  • Had good holidays and birthdays.
  • Dealt with a few illnesses off and on- including the worst cold I have had in years, which we have at the moment.

Wesley is pulling himself up and cruising on furniture now, and is a crazy fast crawler. He says mama and dada (though dada a lot more than mama) and cat, and occasionally mimicks other words. He’s been a bit of a bear the past week, but he’s also been sick. Most of the time, he’s charming and friendly and really easygoing.  He flirts with people wherever we go, which is fun, but can be distracting. I pretty much won the baby lottery, because aside from feeding issues in the beginning, he has been a dream. He’s a great sleeper, he eats really well now, he’s pretty independent and plays on his own without needing a lot of intervention from me. He laughs and he’s ticklish and he’s fast and awesome. I love him like crazy.

Next year, we’re looking forward to having a membership at a new gym, which has pools and water programs as well as all the things our current gym has (save for all the locations). I’m heading back to work next week, and Wesley will be in daycare full time (he’s really enjoying it, thankfully). 2013 should be pretty good! Once I get over this cold, anyway. 🙂

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