Almost 24 weeks of Preggonaut

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m actually more than 5 months pregnant (except when I try to put on pants). I am definitely doing my best to enjoy all the good things, though. It’s starting to get to the point now where it’s pretty obvious to people that my abdominal bulging isn’t just the result of too much cake. Though, I definitely did indulge in too much cake recently, in honour of my birthday. Mmm. Cake. People are saying how cute I look, which is nice, especially when I’m feeling a bit mountain-esque.

It’s interesting though- some parts of my experience seem to jive with the universal things. I get teary-eyed at all sorts of situations and when seeing small children and babies, I definitely like to eat a lot and sometimes crave somewhat specific things. A good rub to the belly when my ligaments are sore is nice. I was pretty excited at my last ultrasound. However, with some things I’m seemingly falling outside the typical experience. I haven’t bought a single baby thing yet, while some women have already totally pimped out the nursery by this point. We’re not finding out the sex ahead of time, or calling the fetus by a pre-chosen name (for now it is CookieMonster, or baby, or occasionally, in my head, Babynaut). We haven’t bought any minivans or enrolled in any preschools.

I always thought women were essentially completely consumed and distracted by their pregnancies- I mean, having a little alien thing inside you must be pretty distracting, right? Maybe some women are consumed, I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll become more distracted as time goes on. While I do have times where my uterine passenger is at the forefront of my mind, I am decidedly not just a walking, eating gestational sac like I imagined. I might not have the physical stamina I had previously (physical limitations being the biggest difference for me at this point), but I’m still really into all sorts of other projects, and I haven’t lost any sense of self or gained any new earth-motherness or anything. I’m glad about it.

Preggonaut Eats: Cravings.

So I haven’t had much in the way of ridiculous food cravings. Mostly what I’ve wanted to eat since I’ve been knocked up has been squarely in the carbohydrates camp, but that’s not really a craving, per-se.

A couple weeks ago though, I did wants something specific. Trevor posted our exchange about it:

Jenny: Stacey posted a picture of cinnamon rolls and now I want some!
Trevor: Uh huh?
J: Help me?
T: I’m afraid I don’t know the spell summon cinnamon rolls.
J: I think it involves getting into the car and driving to the store? [hopeful face]
T: …
T: I’ll get my keys.

Ever since then, we’ve pretty much had some type of cinnamon roll on hand- usually a package of the mini ones from the supermarket bakery. I mentioned this at work, and a coworker brought some in for a meeting. Something about the cinnamon in particular is super delicious to me. That would be the only thing so far that I would really classify as a craving. Not bad!


Yesterday, I was walking a few blocks to meet Trevor for lunch, and he asked me “You going to take out any bus shelters on the way?” and I said, “Preggonaut is not concerned with collateral damage.” Which, when I’m on the way to food, is probably kind of true. Haha. 🙂

Ever since creating my alter-ego, Preggonaut, I have had this visual in my head of what Preggonaut looks like crushing cities. So I drew it.


I am no great artist, but you probably get the idea, haha. Also, there is a foghorn noise that I have mentioned. It sounds like this: Foghorn.