CPLP Study Notes – Module 9: Career Planning and Talent Management

I started actively studying my ASTD Learning System materials last night. I started at “the back”, with Module 9, for a number of reasons, not the least because I don’t have a lot of expertise in that area already. Module 9 is Career Planning and Talent Management.

The first few chapters deal with workforce planning, stragetic planning, and succession and replacement planning. It’s awesome to gain some new insights into how these types of plans are formulated, and the roles workplace learning and performance professionals can play in this planning. Following that are chapters on job analysis, career development theories, and assessment tools. Some of these things I’ve had some exposure to, but definitely not at this level of detail. I’m pretty fascinated already, and I haven’t even gotten into my area of expertise yet!

One thing I’m noticing- as a courseware developer, I’m constantly thinking about how I could design the learning materials better, and develop visuals and activities to improve transfer and retention. I already have a list of objects I want to develop in order to improve my own retention of the key points. I may post those items here as I make them!

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