Zürich Day Two!

Today, we went to the Zürich Zoo! Zoos are kind of my thing, I like to go to them anywhere I go. We saw some chameleons!


Anyway, the zoo here is pretty wonderful, actually. It has a huge indoor rainforest with tons of species from Madagascar, and a bunch of other animals I’ve never gotten to see even in zoos before: a toucan, an anaconda, a shoebill, a bactrian camel, an anteater, and lots of other cool stuff! The zoo does a ton of conservation work too, especially with regard to tropical rainforests in Madagascar, so that was neat.

We spent a good chunk of the day there. It was a nice time to walk around and see all the animals. At one point, one of the giant tortoises was right up against the viewing are and a ton of little kids were patting it! I don’t know if that’s good for the tortoise, but those kids were nearly flipping out with delight.

Walking in Zürich

After that, we went to wander around the old town. Lots of churches and things to see, The opera house, and the river Limmat and Lake Zürich, and lots of nice stuff on the water. It was a nice walk!

Opera House

After that, we popped back to the hotel room for a bit, and then came back out for dinner at a restaurant called Zum Kropf, which was pretty good! I had a great wienerschnitzel, but Trevor had this chicken that was way way way more delicious than either of us expected. It was so good.

Now, back in the hotel room, watching enjoyable British television and so on. Planning a trip out to some museums tomorrow, the National Museum and maybe an art museum. Sunday, we’re planning to head up to Lichtenstein, just to say we’ve been.

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