Saturday in Zürich

Today, we slept in a little (sorely needed!) and then headed out to the Swiss National Museum. That museum was way more than I expected! The collections were really amazing.

I liked the Swiss Furnishings collection, with cool exhibits of 20th century (and earlier) furniture!


There was also the big wing of Swiss history. I was kind of surprised to learn that Switzerland didn’t join the UN until 2002! I was less of a fan of the arms and armor exhibit. There was also a big exhibit on Charlemagne- lots of stuff about writing reforms and religious reforms that went on during his reign. Some really amazing pieces there, including a couple of really cool manuscripts on purple vellum.

I thought we’d be able to spend 3 or so hours and see the museum, but we were there for nearly 5 and still didn’t see everything! After we finished up there, we looked around the train station a bit, then headed back to the hotel for a little rest before dinner.

Tonight we had McDonalds for dinner, because we like to try it in every different country we go to to see what the differences are there. Here, they have computer kiosks you can order on, and something called “barbecue fries” that were pretty good. Like spicy steak fries. Alas, I can’t find a picture of them on the Swiss McDonalds website. After that we wandered around the streets a bit and window-shopped some closed shops. Planning to do some proper shopping on Monday.

Tomorrow, we’re going to head up the mountain nearby (the Ãœetliberg) and maybe a boat tour. Should be fun! Am trying to get more photos uploaded, but it looks like I can only really upload on photo at a time on the hotel wifi. View this gallery for a couple more photos, and hopefully more to come!

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