Today, we went up the Uetliberg, and then hiked down. We took an S-bahn train up to where it was only a 10 minute walk to the top, so we made the hike up easy on ourselves. It was really foggy and cloudy, so there wasn’t much of a view, but it was still nice to be up there, even if we couldn’t see anything.

Foggy Uetliberg

We stopped at a restaurant near the top for lunch, called Uto Staffel. We split a pretty big charcuterie board and that was really good.

Then, we hiked down. Holy COW that trail is steep. My legs were jelly just keeping me from rolling right down the hill. Only a couple of kilometers, but the grade made it tough. Still, we were done early in the afternoon, so we decided to go ahead and take the trip to Lichtenstein today. We got our train tickets and headed out, and got there just after 5pm.

LIchtenstein government building

I mostly just wanted to go so we could get a passport stamp, and so I could grab some souvenirs. We accomplished the souvenirs part, but the tourist office that actually stamps passports was closed when we got there, alas. Oh well.

Tomorrow we’re just going to hang around the town, do some shopping. Nothing too strenuous! We’re headed to Lucerne on Tuesday.

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